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The main problem IMHO is acceptance. They go on smooth and vent well.

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Slim Sweatpants

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Skip to main content. Slim Sweatpants Refine results. Browse Related Browse Related. Also shop in Also shop in. What You Get Quality is the first with best service. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. What You Get Size: Through our many months of testing, we found that venting is the most effective and efficient way of cooling off when overheating in a pair of pants, so features like zippered vents, mesh lined pockets, and roll-able cuffs factored heavily into a product's score.

Most of the pants featured a tight, nylon weave that severely limited direct air transfer — good for wind protection, but not as efficient for breathability. To test venting and breathability, we mostly relied on our time field testing.

Much of this time was spent wandering around in the sun in the desert, perfect for understanding how well a pant will breathe while exerting oneself in the sun.

Other times we hiked uphill, as one usually does in the mountains, building up the heat and sweat needed for some serious study. Not content with these "uncontrolled" tests, we also decided to test all the pants in a controlled situation. We took them out to a steep hill in the sun, worked up a sweat, and ran up the hill as fast as we could in each different pair of pants, paying close attention to how hot and uncomfortable each pair felt, especially compared to the others.

While we found it impossible to quantify the results of this test numerically, we easily noticed what models felt cooler than others. Perhaps not surprisingly, the pants made of the lightest and thinnest fabric did the best job of breathing, while the pants with the most mesh and zippered vents cooled us off the quickest and prevented us from getting too sweaty in the first place.

The OR Ferrosi were the lightest, thinnest, and by far the most breathable pants in this test, making them a primo choice for wearing in hot climates. On the other hand, the REI Co-op Screeline was the clear winner in the venting department, thanks to its generous mesh vents, especially behind the knees.

The KUHL Kontra Air was right behind, using a combination of a ton of venting as well as a thin and light cotton blend fabric. The KUHL Renegade Cargo Convertible also had a ton of vents, not to mention the ability to simply convert them to shorts, should the desire arise. The pants that we found to be the hottest, interpreted here as the least breathable, were also the thickest and heaviest and had the least vents. With its extraordinarily dense and heavy G fabric and no vents, the Fjallraven Vidda Pro was a pant designed exclusively for cooler weather.

On many hiking adventures, you will travel light, sometimes only having the luxury to take what you are wearing when you walk out the door. Whether you are going for a day hike or planning an extended backpacking trip, you will be happier in a single pair of pants that work across a range of conditions and temperatures. The ideal pants can protect your legs from most conditions all on the same hike.

A pair of super versatile pants should have no problem handling situations ranging from intense sun and heat, wind, rain, cold, or brush along the trail. The convertible feature helps with a pant's versatility. If it is too hot or you become too sweaty, that problem can be quickly solved by unzipping the bottoms and turning them into shorts. In general, pants that were convertible scored higher for versatility. Another less critical aspect of versatility is whether the pants excel at other activities besides just hiking.

For instance, on a long thru-hike, you may find yourself swimming, stretching out with some yoga, climbing a tree for any number of reasons! How well you can do these things in one pair of pants affects how we scored them for versatility. While these pants are designed for hiking, pants are pants, and it is nice to be able to wear them around town during our regular lives if need be, and this factor also contributed slightly to a pant's versatility score.

Made with durable nylon and offering many venting options, not to mention the ability to convert into shorts, we found the KUHL Renegade Cargo Convertible to be the most versatile pants that we tested for this review.

They kept us cool while hiking uphill in the sun, and were also thick enough to protect us from the cold and wind. We also liked them for wearing around town or while working outside and found them to be an adequate climbing pant as well. A close second was the Prana Stretch Zion , which we found to be a warmer pant overall, but which also comes with a convertible option. Lastly, The North Face Paramount 3. Its light and the stretchy fabric was excellent against the wind and also offered superb sun protection, and it also has a convertible option.

Let's face it; if you are going out on a multi-day backpacking trip, chances are you are going to get rained on at some point. Becoming soaked to the bone is a backcountry traveler's worst nightmare, but that fear must be weighed against the alternative — carrying a lot of extra clothing and weight.

For multi-day trips, water resistance is a huge bonus for a pair of hiking pants, but it also matters if you happen to live or hike in a wet climate regularly. We used to consider wind resistance as well when assessing for a hiking pant's performance but have found that all the pairs that we tested are functionally wind resistant due to their tightly woven fabrics. Most of these pants are designed to keep you as dry as possible, but are not specialty rain layers, and are not waterproof.

This chemical coating helps the fabric shed water upon contact, preventing it from being absorbed into the material. It is worth noting that these layers break down and wear off over time, especially if you wash your pants frequently in the washing machine, so if you are heading out on a long trip with an older pair of pants, you should apply a new DWR finish before you begin.

To test water resistance, we wore these pants outside as often as we could in poor weather. Admittedly, though, our head tester lives high in the mountains of Colorado and tested these pants primarily in fall, when high pressure and sunshine tend to dominate the forecast. Testing conditions ranged from hiking in the snowy mountains which is not the weather that most people consider hiking in to sunny and dry in the desert again, no rain.

To determine how these pants performed in a rainstorm, we also conducted the shower test, where we put the pants on and jumped into the shower to see what happened. Using a misting spray nozzle to spritz the outside of the pants lightly helped us understand exactly how much airborne water a pant could effectively repel before getting soaked.

Things we looked for were how well the DWR coating worked after three months of testing and washing, whether the fabric tended to absorb water, how wet our legs got inside the pants, and how long the pants took to dry out after being hung up post shower. The DWR coating did a great job of shedding water even after lots of abuse, and the slippery nylon fabric didn't absorb water like many of the others.

It was also fast to dry out once removed from the "rain," since it hadn't absorbed much water in the first place. The Patagonia Quandary performed nearly as well, incorporating an effective DWR coating with non-absorbent and fast drying stretchy nylon weave fabric. We were also very intrigued by the performance of the wax impregnated Fjallraven Vidda Pro pant, which eschews the now-standard chemical DWR coating in favor of a more natural and customizable wax one.

The final category that differentiates the best pairs of hiking pants from the worst is their respective features. These are the little things that you love or drive you nuts. Every pair has their own set of unique features, including the type of pockets and location, waist tightening systems, and belts, the zipper system to convert into shorts, vertical cuff zippers, cuff roll-up buttons, cuff tighteners, ventilation holes, and crotch zippers.

Some of these features were functional additions that inspired our adoration, while others were superfluous or maddening. In all cases, we attempted to rate the product based on whether the features were useful and if they worked well.

In most cases, having the option to convert to shorts was useful, but we also rated this feature on how well the zippers functioned, how easy they were to convert compared to the other pants, and how they looked and felt. We did a similar analysis of pocket layout and location, as well as for waist tightening systems. In short, the more useful and functional features a pant included, the higher the score. Products that received a lower rating either included few useful features, or the ones that were included didn't function nearly as well as competitors.

It had a ton of pocket options for those who like to have all their trail trinkets handy and organized, as well as excellent ventilation and the ability to convert to shorts. The KUHL Kontra Air has an entirely different set of pockets and ventilation designs that also worked better than the rest.

We loved the small, low profile waist tightener that allowed us to backpack and climb without wearing a belt. Pants specifically designed for hiking are the best choice for trekking or backpacking in just about any environment.

The challenge comes when trying to decide which ones to buy. While comfort is usually a top priority, the climate in which you spend most of your time can dictate what features are most important to you. We hope that this expert review of the most highly rated and popular hiking pants on the market will help you make an optimal choice. Happy trails to you!

The Best Hiking Pants for Men. Displaying 1 - 5 of Updated May In May of , we added two pairs of pants that we have been wearing and testing all spring to this already comprehensive review. The Outdoor Research Ferrosi is a user favorite that landed at the very top of the rating chart, inspiring us to crown them our new Best Overall winners. We also added in the Prana Brion , a very simple but classy pant that is light on features but heavy on comfort.

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Yes, Thom Browne—the guy who makes our favorite shrunken suit and who literally goes running in a polo shirt—makes some of the best sweatpants money can buy. They're pricey, but like Browne's suits, oxford cloth shirts, and wingtips, you can feel that these made-in-Japan sweats are built to last. The 24 Best Slim Fit Sweatpants for Men Apparel September 13, This year we are celebrating 40 years since the first hoodie sweatshirt appeared in the States. Designers are offering slim versions of your trusted, coziest sweatpants in every color, fabric, and, thanks to the highest of high fashion folks, even price imaginable. Throw 'em on with everything from a tweed blazer to a topcoat this fall and enjoy the added comfort without any of the shame.

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