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Our Swimwear is made using our signature Neoprene, Nylon / Spandex or Velvet Neoprene fits firm on the body & it has a greater resistance to stretch. It won't .

What size are you for bottoms usually? I would say that if in doubt you should a larger size in bottoms, especially if you have flesh on your hips. I can be anywhere from an Australian S to an Australian M in bottoms. I really want to order one of these in the Milly design.

However I am unsure what size to order in the top. I am from Canada and my bra size ranges from 36A to 36B. I have small bust but a wide back. Would you recommend a S or M? I am usually 34b and on my jeans I usually buy jeans Forever Maybe try the Triangl customer service chat.

Hi Angel, Did you end up buying your poppy bikini? M is for 36C. I have the exact same issue with the Poppy style. Hi Natalia can you pleaaaaaaaaase help me here? My measures are 77cm under bust and 91 bust. Just from your measurements, I would guess that you are wearing the wrong sized bra.

If the bra fits, however, a S should fit fine as it is a 34B. The bikini I ordered was the paradise palms one of the new mesh bikinis. As for the top I am a 34B however I do own 32Bs as well. Hope this helps for anyone who may be looking into poppy styles or who may be similar to my measurements.

If anyone has questions feel free to ask! I also just ordered the poppy a few minutes ago. May I ask how big is your hip in inches? I ordered the poppy blue crush bikini. I wore it about four times and loved it. I layed it flat to dry every time after I had taken it off but I started to warp. The front gaped open ant the top and the back of it started to stretch out it and get wavey. I constantly had to adjust my swimsuit bottoms to keep everything looking that way it was supposed to.

Also the straps for the top were too long and there was no way for me to tighten them. I would not recommend this product to anyone. Hii, I was wondering what my bottom size has to be. Could you telle me what your hip measurement is? I live in Arizona…will never order again from this company! I understand your feeling. Same happened to my wife. She returned the product in response to their business practice and is fighting the charges. I just recieved my bikini.

I wear a size 36eur jeans and orders a small bottom. I usually wear a 32 C bra sometimes a 32 B. The strap around the back is fine, but the cups did leave about 1cm gap at the top of my bust. Just wondering if I should exchange it for a small top instead?

If you are a 32C, a S should fit you better, because it is a 34B which is the sister size to 32C. Hi there, I was wondering if someone could help me with the sizing as I really want to get the Poppy design in Flamingo Fling. I was wondering if you has any advice..? Thanks so much x. Hey there, I have the same problem.

I am a 30C in balcony bras, which are the style that the Poppy is. Any help would be appreciated! I would reccomend you go for the Medium. It has a self tie back, so you can tie it as tight as you need but the cups should fit. It would be a 36C, which is the sister size to 34D and should fit you better than the Small which is a 34B. Has anyone actually went swimming in these yet? Does the material really retain a lot of water and keep you really hot?

I think this is super uncomfortable with the bottoms. I was wondering if anyone could help me with sizes! I want a poppy top, and i am a 32A and a in bottoms. Not sure if the xxs would be better than a xs top for me. If you live in the United States, expect a Fedex Duty bill in addition to the shipping fee. After contacting Triangl… They replied that they were not responsible for this. The bill arrived several weeks after I received my swimsuits and Triangl said they were not responsible.

They mislead customers, that is for sure. My wife return the product in protest and is fighting the duties charges. They fit but they kind of squeeze my fat at the sides and at the sides of my butt. Has anyone else experienced this issue and upgraded to a large? I am completely confused now. I have no idea what size to get. A M top might be a bit big in the cups, but would definitely fit in the band.

I would just go with whatever you think would fit best. Thank you for the review! I love the swimsuit and everything fits great, but the bottoms scrunch up when I sit down and creates a gap in the front for anyone to see into. Hope this helps anyone looking! I wear a 25 in jeans and was thinking of getting a small. But if a small was too tight on the butt on you and your a 24 — do i get a M?

Be aware that you are responsible for customs fees. Watch out for extra charges!!!! Triangl has refused to reimburse me and I will never order from this company again. They say they inform you on the website, but you have to read the fine print on the final page or FAQs to find there may be extra charges. Did you happen to order more than one suit? This is my reason for unsubscribing to their website and also why I will never buy from them again, long winded I know but it had to be said!

I would actually love to know if anyone else had an issue with sizing? You should be ashamed to call yourself an Australian company……. What a shame I think and what a disappointment…… because you really do have beautiful bikinis.

Omg same concern I had before I ordered!! I saw a lot of reviews saying that the water will get into the bottom when you get up so I think definitely go a size smaller!! I have talked several times with the ladies on the Live Chat and this is what I found out….

However, if not, it might be a bit tricky. It really depends on whether you are closest to a 32C sister size to the S which is 34B or a 32DD which would fit the cups of the M but the band would be loose at a 36C.

Hi — So, apparently, I am an idiot. I had ordered extra suits to try and am only keeping one so if anyone is in the US and wants to purchase the 5 suits I had planned to return, let me know. Sigh…still trying to figure out if I will get hit with a tax when I return the extras. Rebecca, I am sorry to hear that. Thank you for telling your story here it will help in her fight.

Will I get double duty fees? They only mention that their warehouse is in HK in a small typefont in the customer care section under the shipping FAQ. That means that if you are a USA Customer you pay FedEx will make sure you pay for that additional tax. I know this is months old. I wear a 32DDD bra, and I have wide hips but no butt.

The underwire on the top is fantastic, and the bottom actually has a lot of coverage. So pleased I could find a top that fit me and provides the support I need! I was wondering if the leather material bathing suit was very durable or if it got damaged easily? It seemed to me that the leather one could be easily scratched, as when I first ordered a TRIANGL swimsuit I went with the leather look one and it already had small scratches on it.

I got a suit today and I wanted to give some feedback as I definitely used help from this form to do my sizing. Both fit literally like a glove. If I were to gain a little bit more body fat, I would need a large. It probably wouldnt hurt to size up, but dont feel like your true size would be too small. Also shout out to their costumer service dept—I literally changed my order debating btwn medium and large bottoms 4 times, and they obliged each time before finally sending it out.

I just ordered two triangl bathing suits in a X-Small top and a size Medium bottom. Do you still stand by your comments? Did your style of bathing suit Poppy have a lot of stretch to it?

Hi I have to say I m really disappointed in my triangl swim suit. The bathing suit is expensive and not to mention i had to return the bottoms for a medium which cost me extra. The top fits great gives good support I wear a size small. Not worth the money. I want to order the poppy bathing suit, but I am unsure what size to pick.

My waist is size 26 in jeans 7s, true religion, jbrand. According to their sizes, I should get a small. But when I talked to customer service, she said get what you normally wear.

Any help or advice would be appriciated. Ordered my first triangl bikini. Was so looking forward to it since ive been wanting one for a year. So for my 18th my mother got me one. But than i got charged myself with exchange. Best part was i spent months talking to girls online to figure out what size to get. So disappointed with my bathing suit.

Had my hopes up for so long. Wondering if the customs tax is the same for the entire country or if it varies. Uhhh I loveeee this one but I also like http: I had the Molly bikini and also agree that the bottoms were hideous and could not be worn and I am only a small person.

When you had an exchange for the bottom, what makes you feel it fits right? How much I must pay extra? Can you believe that?!?!?! By the way, I wanted to return one of the suits I received but since I have to send back to Hong Kong, my new plan is to resell on craigslist or something.

Otherwise my out-of-pocket return shipping cost will be almost as much as the suit itself!! Hi your post has been very helpful. The 12 are a bit loose. Should i get the M or L bottoms. I am looking at the confetti garden midnight delight range.

I would say I have smallish hips but not a small bum. If so, how much? They say that they cannot advise what duty costs might be as they vary from country to country but surely the UK must be fairly standard. I just received mine, mostly for lap swimming, and a bit worried about the drying time and the lay flat hassle.

Also, wondering if when wet, the bottoms may peel off when swimming rather than just standing around in the pool? I usually either rinse them in cold water and just hang them or put them through the washing machine in a delicates bag on cold. These are great for eliminating tan lines. The brief cut allows maximum skin to be revealed in back for the perfect suntan. Women who prefer a low rise will definitely want to take a look at our hipster bottom swimwear.

This type of bathing suit resembles a scoop bottom, however, it rests well below the navel. Speaking of scoop bottom swimwear, we also offer some of the best. Scooped bottom swimwear offers additional coverage on the waist than one of our hipster style bottoms, but it also allows more freedom than a bottom with a waist. Scoop bottom swimwear usually has full coverage back sides, although some are available in briefer cuts, such as the Brazilian and thong.

Whatever you are looking for in terms of swimwear, we have it! Women who prefer high waisted swimwear have come to the right place. We carry high waisted swimsuits that typically end at the belly button. This extra coverage is ideal for women who worry about the exposure offered by a low waisted bottom. Women's who prefer a sportier look may be interested in our boy shorts swimwear. Boy shorts resemble feminized versions of men's briefs. They tend to run low waisted and have square cuts.

Because they are designed to resemble shorts, they tend to provide maximum coverage in back, making them the perfect sporty look. Our tie side swimwear is some of our more popular offerings because of the fact that it is easily adjustable, and results in some of the most flattering swimwear that we offer. Wearers of tie side swim suit bottoms can tie them to any desired level of comfort.

When you are spending a long day at the beach, your comfort is of utmost importance. Some of our swimwear ties on both sides. Some ties on only one side. Tanning is important to a lot of women. Now, those who wish to have more coverage than is offered by a traditional bikini, can opt for one of our tan-thru swimsuits. Our tan-thru swimwear is constructed from ultra thin, opaque fabric that enables the sun to penetrate the fabric.

This enables one to achieve an all-over tan without the tan lines! We also offer a nice line of plus size swimwear, with padded D-Cup bras and full coverage bottoms. If you want to look your very best on the beach, select one of our professionally designed swimwear pieces that will flatter your figure while it brings out your very best qualities.

Whether you want a simple black tank suit, or a neon yellow bikini, we have whatever the look you're seeking. Our swimwear is well made from some of the highest quality fabrics available.

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