101 Splendid Red Nail Art Designs to say “I’m HOT”

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9 Must-Have Summer Nail Polishes. Like your classic, go-to red, but with the volume turned up to 11, this hot orange-toned red is the antidote to dark winter nails. Best Nail Polish Colors.
Nail Colors of the Rainbow. It's raining nail polish! Turn your umbrella upside down. Whatever your nail polish needs we've got the color to solve them, shades in fact.
While there are number of colors to chose from as far as nail paints are concerned, ask any woman what is the best color for her nails or the one that she longs to have the most and she will tell you it is red.
Nail colors can generally be grouped into black, blue, brown/copper, green, blue-green, grey, yellow, pale, purple or red groups - each color means something different. Keep in mind that your nails may look a particular way for another reason totally unrelated to your health, but could be due to mechanical or environmental influences.

Nail Paints Online: Buy the best nail polish at low price in India from Nykaa. Choose from a wide range of nail paint shades & colours like blue or matte black nail polish from top brands. Click here to explore the entire collection of nail polish, available at best prices.?

You can create floral art on the nails and stick a rhinestone in the center to make it look really pretty and dressy. Red caviar for nails: These are actually shiny micro beads that come in different colors. After painting all your nails red, you can stick on red caviar on alternative nails to create a new and different look. You can simply paint your nails in a lighter hue and use a dotting tool to create cute polka dots in red all over the nail.

Paint the nails red simply and give it a velvet finish for the extra special look. You can work with red nails to draw paisley flowers for that quaint and innocent quality. If you are pairing this with a dress of the same print the overall effect will be really good.

Creating leopard print effect on the red painted nails is yet another look that will make your nails look special. Red cherry blossom with Chinese symbol: The Chinese revere the color red and cherry blossoms and combining these along with a Chinese symbol will create an oriental look for your nails.

Red and yellow roses: Keep in mind that your nails may look a particular way for another reason totally unrelated to your health, but could be due to mechanical or environmental influences.

Your beauty therapist and manicurist should also be able to guide you in this field. When healthy fingernails begin to change color or texture, one of the most common underlying causes is nail fungus , which can cause the nails to crack, peel, and change color and texture.

Common disorders like thyroid disease can also cause abnormalities in the toenail and fingernail beds, often producing dry brittle nails that crack and split easily. Nails never stop growing. They must be cut from time to time. Nail trimming tools used by different people can transmit nail infections. By using standard hygiene and sanitation procedures you can avoid this transmission. In some cases, gel and cream cuticle removers can be used instead of cuticle scissors. Home, vehicle, and personal loans information for low income families, singles, seniors and disabled.

Information provided on Disabled World is for general informational and educational purposes only, it is not offered as and does not constitute medical advice. In no way are any of the materials presented meant to be a substitute for professional medical care or attention by a qualified practitioner, nor should they be construed as such. Any third party offering or advertising on this website does not constitute an endorsement by Disabled World.

Please report outdated or inaccurate information. Jump To Nail Color or Condition: Blue fingernails, also known as azure lunula medical term - cyanosis , are characterized by a blue discoloration of the lunulae. Blue Fingernails Can be Indicative of: Argyria - A condition caused by exposure to chemical compounds of the element silver.

Hepatolenticular degeneration Wilson's disease Raynaud's disease - The fingers and toes blanch, then turn blue and may become numb or painful on exposure to cold. Septicemia - Also known as bacteremia or blood poisoning.

Septicemia occurs when a bacterial infection enters the bloodstream. This design is sure to take your heart away. Strawberries are of red color and almost everyone likes their taste and flavor. Doing the nail art of red color and having pictures of strawberries on your nails will leave you satisfied and you will love to display them to all. Probably the most common and one of the flagship designs of the nail art are bubbles.

But here what will matter the most will be the color combination and the neatness. Well in that case the combination of red and white is evergreen and will suit all occasions.

Dedicate this one to your lover. He is sure feel special and this gesture of yours will make his heart melt. Guys are actually of aware of this fact that how much women adore their nails and if you do something for him on your nails, he is sure to get mad. You can find thousands of nail art designs online.

Sometimes, your nail art designer or the professional is himself unsure of what to do to but inner creativity and fashion sense combined with perfection delivers the best quality. These multi colored sparkling vibrations is an example of such art. Red, black and white, what else do you require then? If you have ever been to theme parties especially on valentines then you would relate this tricolor combination very well. They gel with each other very well and leave your stunned with their effect whatever be the art design then.

Sometimes, the art is done without combining any other color but simply polishing the nails in the finest way. Use good quality nail paints and give a massage to your nails and cure them with creams and thinners as suggested by your designer. A beautiful night design with twinkling stars and other celestial bodies is shown here.

The idea is to make your nails look different than usual. Your professional designer may even take help of sticky decorating images or even do the art with the help of paints and brushes. When talking about Red color, how can one forget the Santa? If you are getting the nail art especially on the eve of Christmas or you are styling yourself for the specific purpose then doing the Santa art on your finger nails is a wonderful idea.

Take the help of red, white and silver paints. There is nothing wrong if you choose a gaudy design for your nails. The sparky magenta color combined with golden shiny elements is a lovely combination. Moreover, as you can see in the image the little flying butterflies are the show stealers. A clear picture of sophistication and great sense of nail art is here.

Decorating the boundaries of heart in white on red base with little pearl like sticky item is so adorable. You can try this art and get ready to receive loads of compliments for your great selection.

But make sure you hire the right person to do the same. You can even get the texture designs done as the nail art similar to the texture of your clothes. This would be a great way of making both of them complimentary to each other. The best results can be seen with colors of red and other matching shades. Like on weddings, the decoration is considered to be grand similarly the grand decoration can be done for your nails especially for the weddings or important occasions. Red is a must if you are expecting a royal and eye-catchy look.

Rest role will be played by the golden designs and the shiny stones. Stripes are round the clock and favorite designs. They are part of almost your every outfit and yet are the most demanded patterns. How about the stripes and lines patterns for the nails? Above that the combination of red and white is just stupendous. Get this explosive nail art for your finger nails. The black base and above that the explosion trademark in the red is just wonderful.

Though it gives a little negative and bombarding image, but the pattern is popular for nail art for some obvious reasons.

The French nail art which is done in its own unique at the nail tips is extremely popular and loved by many working women. This nail art of black French on the point where nail conjoins the dermis is also unique in its own way and the same can be done for various light occasions or for the daily life. The hue of Red and shades of blue, aqua blue and indigo color is much appreciable. It is natural looking combination and gives your nails a complete diversified cum trendy appearance.

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